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Address: 255 Shimo-Okubo, Sakura-ku, Saitama City, Saitama 338-8570, JAPAN ■Mail Address:
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Assigned Class

Graduate School of Education
Doctoral Course, The United Graduate School of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University

Research Field

Education Law
Education Policy and Administration
Educational System and Organization
keyword:Teachers and the Law , Tenure , Labor Law , Comprehensive Educational Opportunity , Role of the Courts in Education Reform , Comprative Reaserach on Education Policy and the Law in the U.S. and Japan

Current Subject

Comparative Research on Teacher Laws under the Neo-Liberal Reforms in the U.S. and Japan
keyword:Teacher Laws , Employment Rights , Tenure , Neo Liberalism , Education Policy
Dr. Satoshi Takahashi is an Associate Professor of the School of Education at the Saitama University. His recent research project is to conduct a comparative research on teacher laws under the Neo-Liberal reforms in the U.S. and Japan. Inquiring into the teacher law reforms in the U.S., he focused on the clause of "highly qualified teachers" under the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and the requirement of "effective teachers” under the Race to the Top Program (RTTT), as well as those impacts on states' collective bargaining laws and tenure laws for public school teachers. Through the analysis on these matters, he analyzed that, under the federal policy, most of states were urged to amend teacher tenure laws and collective bargaining laws so that students' test scores could be a significant evidence to terminate tenure teachers. While the most policy makers and researchers tended to assume that eliminating job security and working conditions of teachers would make it easier to fire incompetent teachers and thus to improve the academic performance of students, Dr. Takahashi insisted that proper working conditions and job security for teachers were necessary to sustain their qualified teaching practice. He is the 2016 grantee of the Fulbright Program and the visiting scholar of Teachers College at Columbia University, researching on the right to "comprehensive educational opportunity" conceptualized by Professor Michael A. Rebell.

Academic Societies

Academic Societies
Association for Education Finance and Policy
Japan Society for Educational System and Organization
Japan Educational Administration Society
Japanese Educational Research Association
Japan Education Law Association
Committee of Academic Societies
2019 , Japan Educational Administration Society , Member of Committee for Research Promotion
2019 ,
2016 , Japan Educational Administration Society , Board of Directors
2016 - 2019 , Japan Educational Administration Society , Member of International Exchange Committee
2014 , Japan Society for Educational System and Organization , Board of Directors
2013 - 2016 , Japan Educational Administration Society , Board of Editors
2013 , Japan Education Law Association , Board of Directors
2010 - 2013 , Japan Educational Administration Society , Member of Committee for Research Promotion

Academic Background

Graduate School
Tohoku Univesriy , (Political Science on Euducation , School of Education) , 2007
Ph. D. , Tohoku Univesriy


2012 , Award for Educational Administration Study

Research Career

Research Career
2020 , Adjunct Lecturer, School of Sociology, Keio University
2016 - 2017 , Visiting Scholar (Fulbright Researcher), Teachers College, Columbia University
2011 , Associate Professor of Education Law, School of Educaiton, Saitama University


Books, Articles, etc.

"Neo-liberal Education Reform: 1980s to 2000," The History of Education in Japan: 1600-2000
Routledge:141-157 201703
Masashi Tsujimoto & Yoko Yamasaki, eds.

,季刊 労働者の権利,335:56-68 202005

The Characteristics of Externalization in Teacher Evaluation Policy
World Education Research Association,10th Focal Meeting 201908
Satoshi Takahashi


Research Grants



Foundation of Education A (Principles)
Foundation of Education B (Structure)
Education Policy and the Law I
Education Policy and the Law II
Moral Education