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FUJINO Takeshi

Faculty: Graduate School of Science and Engineering TEL:
Position: Professor ■FAX:
Address: 255 Shimo-Okubo, Sakura-ku, Saitama City, Saitama 338-8570, JAPAN ■Mail Address:
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Faculty of Engineering

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keyword:Water Quality Management , Bio-monitoring , Biomass Reuse , Urban Thermal Enviornment , Environment Proviosis Society , South East Asia


Books, Articles, etc.

東京電機大学出版局 200001
有田 ほか

Assessing alteration of leaf litter breakdown rate influenced by dam operation in Nakatsugawa river and Arakawa river, Central Japan
,Watershed Ecology and the Environment,1:1-9 2019
Tabucanon AS, Xue W, Fujino T

Phylogeographic analyses of the Stenopsyche caddisflies (Trichoptera:Stenopsychidae) of the Asian Region
,Freshwater Science,37(3):000-000 2018
Saito R, Kato S, Kuranishi R, Nozaki T, Fujino T, Tojo K

Behavior of bentonite in an aqueous electrolytic solution -Evaluation of electrolytic aggregation for adsorption capacity of Cd2+ ions onto bentonite
,Water Science & Technology,77(12):2841-2850 2018
Ekanayaka AAD, Fujino T, Motegi S

Radioactive cesium contamination and biological half-life of larvae of Stenopsyche marmorata (Trichoptera: Stenopsychidae)
,Landscape and Ecological Engineering,14(1):37-43 2018
Fujino T, Kobori S, Nomoto T, Sakai M, Gomi T

Caddisfly Watch, a biomonitoring method using larvae of Stenopsyche for determining radioactive cesium contamination in rivers after the Fukushima nuclear disaster
,Landscape and Ecological Engineering,14(1):29-35 2018
Ueno D, Mizukawa H, Nagasaka H, Hirano T, Otsubo E, Someya T, Tatsuta N, Inanami O, Narazaki Y, Fujino T, Watanabe I, Nakai K

,水辺の輪・水生昆虫談話会,34:13-18 2017
藤野 毅

エネルギーの地産地消とグリーンインフラ -技術および社会的課題について-
,応用生態工学,20(1):49-56 2017
藤野 毅, 飯嶋光幸, 田島克己, スヌワル ディペンドラ

,舗装・建設図書,51(8):41-43 2016
藤野 毅

,舗装・建設図書,51(9):36-38 2016
藤野 毅

Analysis of children’s consciousness about participating in environmental conservation activities in suburbs in Japan and Sri Lanka
,Int J Hum Cult Stud.,26:487-498 2016
Miyazaki E, Seravinatne SN, Iijima S, Fujino T

A list of Myanmar caddisflies (Trichoptera) including newly collected data
,Entomological Research Bulletin,31(1):41-55 2015
Wityi H, Nozaki T, Fujino T

Community knowledge and attitude towards regional developmental requirements in remote townships of Chin state, Myanmar, -A questionnaire on sustainability and subsistence to overexploitation of natural resources-
,International Journal of Human Culture Studies,24:25-38 2014
Senevirathna SN, Wityi H, Fujino T

,土木学会論文集B1(水工学),70(4):I_1291-I_1296 2014
藤野 毅, ニン ウィリ, 野本健志, 山田明弘

Aquatic invertebrate monitoring in least developed areas in Myanmar - effect of shifting cultivation on water quality
,Advances in River Sediment Research- Fukuoka et al. (eds).:1611-1617 2013
Fujino T, Wityi T, Nanda A

Application of genome profiling method to the study of closely related species of Stenopsyche in Japan, Viet Nam and Thailand
,Biology of Inland Waters,Supplement 2:19-26 2013
Fujino T et al, (total 7 authors).

Comparison of heavy metal accumulation and life histories among three aquatic insect species
,Biology of Inland Waters,Supplement 2:159-166 2013
Wityi H, Fujino T, Senavirathna SN

,埼玉大学 工学部紀要,46:13-20 2013
藤野 毅

Applicability of Recycled Gypsum Composite Mortar as Raw Material for Foundation Work of Single-family Houses
,Journal of Asian Architecture and Bulding Engineering,11(1):119-124 2012
Onishi K, Fujino, T, Kondo Y, Ikami H, Asaeda T

,土木学会論文集B1(水工学),68(4):I_775-I_780 2012
藤野 毅, ニンウィリ, 高橋陽一, 浅枝 隆

,土木学会論文集B1(水工学),68(4):I_1627-I_1632 2012
高橋陽一, 藤野 毅, ニンウィリ, 浅枝 隆

Two cyanobacterial strains can be distinguished from each other and other eukaryotic algae by spectral absorption method
,Water Science & Technology,63(6):1203-1211 2011
Lokuhewage AUM, Fujino T

Morphological plasticity of submerged macrophyte Potamogeton wrightii Morong under different photoperiods and nutrient conditions
Taylor & Francis,CHEMISTRY AND ECOLOGY,26(3):223-232 2010
Sultana M, Asaeda T, Azim ME, Fujino T

Morphological responses of a submerged macrophyte to epiphyton
Springer,AQUATIC ECOLOGY,44(1):73-81 2010
Sultana M, Asaeda T, Azim ME, Fujino T

Present environment of Dam Lake Sambe, southwestern Japan: a geochemical study of bottom sediments
Springer,ENVIRONMENTAL EARTH SCIENCES,60(3):655-670 2010
Bibi MH, Ahmed F, Ishiga H, Asaeda T, Fujino T

Turbidity removal effect and surface charge shift for electrochemically treated retentate without coagulant addition
IWA Publishing,WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY,61(1):235-242 2010
Uchibori T, Fujino T, Asaeda T

土木学会,水工学論文集,54:1483-1488 2010

Aggregation of Lepidostomatidae in small mesh size litter-bags: implication to the leaf litter decomposition process
Springer,WETLANDS ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT,17(4):417-421 2009
Nanda A, Asaeda T, Fujino T, Siong K, Nakajima T

Physical factors affecting the distribution of leaf litter patches in streams: comparison of green and senescent leaves in a step-pool streambed
Springer,HYDROBIOLOGIA,628(1):191-201 2009
Kochi K, Asaeda T, Chibana T, Fujino T

Applications of organ-specific growth models; modelling of resource translocation and the role of emergent aquatic plants in element cycles

Electrolytic aggregation treatment without coagulant dosage for retentate
Uchibori T., Fujino T., and Asaeda T.

Morphology, growth and carbohydrate storage of the plant Typha angustifolia at different water depths
,Chemistry and Ecology,24(2):133-145 2008
P. Sharma;T. Asaeda;M. Kalibbala;T. Fujino

埼玉大学総合研究機構地域共同研究センター産学連携推進部門,埼玉大学地域共同研究センター紀要,8:74-79 2007
Study on Stream Ecosystem Assessment

埼玉大学総合研究機構,総合研究機構研究プロジェクト研究成果報告書,5 (18年度):472-473 2007
Dynamics of organic matter quality and its transport between tributary and dam-site

埼玉大学総合研究機構地域共同研究センター産学連携推進部門,埼玉大学地域共同研究センター紀要,8:80-82 2007
Development of self-moisture control material for thermal mitigation

埼玉大学工学部,埼玉大学紀要, 工学部, 第1部論文集,39:152-165 200607
Effect of Charophytes on Nutrient Cycling in Lake

埼玉大学総合研究機構地域共同研究センター産学連携推進部門,埼玉大学地域共同研究センター紀要,7:75-79 2006
The growing problem of hydrogen sulfide resulting from the disposal of waste gypsum boards has yet to find an effective solution. Recent years have brought urgent calls for a means of recycling waste gypsum boards. This study focused on applications in floors, which among major structural parts are subject to particularly severe conditions. The author examined the form of gypsum after pouring, as well as the formwork and pouring methods, employing the properties of gypsum hemihydrate recycled from waste gypsum boards. The study has established specifications that overcome the problem of afterflame following a fire involving wooden fireproof construction.
Gypsum board, Recycle, Gypsum hemihydrate, Wooden, Fireproof, Floor

Characteristics of water sustainable ceramic roof tiles and its effects on the environmental thermal conditions
,Selected Papers from the Conf. ICB-ICUC'99:59-64 2000
Fujino et al.

Numerical analyses of urban thermal environment in a basin climate
,J. of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics,81(1-3):159-169 199905
Fujino et al.

The self-heat two-stage biomass gasification facility -Benefits, Questions and Prospects
The 3rd Environment and Natural Resources International Conference,ENRIC 2018:115-120 201911
Fujino T, Iijima M, Shimogo T, Sato H

日本生気象学会,日本生気象学会誌,54(3):5074 201711
Dipendra S, 藤野 毅

土木学会地球環境シンポジウム,地球環境シンポジウム講演集,25 201709
藤野 毅, スヌワルディペンドラ, 氏家知宏

応用生態工学会,ELR2017:1 201709
藤野 毅, スヌワルディペンドラ, 氏家知宏

日本水環境学会,第48回日本水環境学会年会要旨集 201403
藤野毅, 野本健志, 小堀翔太, 宮崎絵里

A method for turbidity and arsenic removal from naturally contaminated water without coagulant addition
1st International Conference on Energy, Environment and Human Engineering ,ICEEE 2013, Myanmar 201312
Fujino T, Uchibori T, Nakatsuji Y

The self-heat combustion systems for biomass gasification power generation
1st International Conference on Energy, Environment and Human Engineering ,ICEEE 2013, Myanmar 201312
Iijima M, Takakura A, Nnda A, Fujino T

水生昆虫研究会 201312
小堀翔太,藤野 毅,HninWityi

夏季の高温化による屋外労働者の労働効率低下が産業界に与える影響 ~オープンソースGISの利用~
日本生気象学会,日本生気象学会雑誌,50(3) 201311
藤野 毅, 砂崎正希

Water quality management in mountain local peoples society: A case study of Southern Chin, Myanmar
水文・水資源学会,水資源学会予稿集:236-237 201309
Senavirathna S.N., Wityi H,, Fujino T.

水文・水資源学会,水文・水資源学会 2013年度研究発表会要旨集:184-185 201309
野本健志,藤野 毅

Aquatic insects in streams: An important role of the water quality assessment and their diverse values
8th Biyani International Conference (BICON-13),Agro-biodiversity and their impact on global challenges 201309
T. Fujino

The water retentive asphalt pavement: its usefulness and applicability
Advanced Technologies in Asphalt Pavements ATAP International Symposium 2012,Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium:31-42 201207
Takeshi Fujino, Tsuyoshi Tsujii and Junichi Minegishi

Application of Genome Profiling Method for Closely-Related Species of Stenopsychidae in Japan and Thailand
Benthological Society of Asia,The First Symposium of the Benthological Society of Asia 2012 in Matsumoto, Japan:32 201206
Takeshi FUJINO, Hnin WITYI, Takeshi NOMOTO, Koichi NISHIGAKI, Tadashi KONDO, Atsamon LIMAKUL and Supatra DAVISON

Social worker's visit as to preventing heat disorders foe elderly-person
SOCIETY FOR SOCIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS,The 8th International Symposium on Social Management Systems, Abstract Book:61 201205

Application of Genome Profiling method for species identification of Stenopsyche sp. in South-East Asia
日本水環境学会,第46回日本水環境学会年会講演集 201203
Fujino T, Wityi H, Senavirathna S, Nishigaki K, Limsakul A, Davison S

Arsenic bioaccumulation for three aquatic insect species in stream
日本水環境学会,第46回日本水環境学会年会講演集 201203
Wityi H, Fujino T, Senavirathna S, Nishida A, Ii H

日本水環境学会,第46回日本水環境学会年会講演集 201203
藤野 毅、姜 東、呉 遥、Wityi H、近藤義正、渋谷良二、後藤優一

Severe incidence of heat disorders in Saitama Area in 2010 summer
International Society of Biometeorology,19th International Congress of Biometeorology (ICB2011):6p 201112
Fujino T, Kawano K, Kirihara H

日本生気象学会,第50回日本生気象学会大会要旨集,48(3) 201111
藤野 毅、砂崎正希

日本生気象学会,第50回日本生気象学会大会要旨集,48(3) 201111
桐原啓真、藤野 毅、河野和弘

水文・水資源学会,2011年度研究発表会要旨集 201109
藤野 毅、河野和弘、桐原啓真

水文・水資源学会,2011年度研究発表会要旨集 201109
高橋陽一、藤野 毅、Hnin Wityi、浅枝 隆

日本陸水学会,日本陸水学会 弘前大会要旨集 201009
Nyamsuren G, 藤野 毅, Hnin W

日本陸水学会,日本陸水学会 弘前大会要旨集 201009
藤野 毅, Hnin Wityi, 西垣功一

Visualisation of biofilm formation during decomposition process by optical coherence tomography
IWA,YWPC 2010 Conference 201007
Lokuhewage AUM, Madjarova VD, Fujino T

Upstream and downstream ecosystems of the Rajjaprabha Dam, Thailand: anthoropogenic-driven changes in function and structure
Urban Biodiversity and Design,Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of Urban Biodiversity and Design (URBIO2010) 201005
Limsakul A, Tabucanon MS, Fujino T, Khottapong O, Paengkaew W, Kummueang A, Suttamanuswong B

Influence of fulvic acids on the toxic effects of Cadmium and Zinc to green algae Chlorella vulgaris due to photochemical modification
日本水環境学会,第44回日本水環境学会年会講演集,44:561 201003
A Lokuhewage UM and T Fujino

日本水環境学会,第44回日本水環境学会年会講演集,44:553 201003

第23回北海道水生昆虫研究発表会 201003

Application of GP method for evaluation of genome similarities among three Stenopsyche species in Japan
応用生態工学会,第12回研究発表会要旨集,12 200909
Hnin W, Fujino T, Nishigaki K, Akamatsu Y, Kondo T, Limsakul A

Enhancement of Dissolved Organic Matter from leaf Litter decomposition to Accrual of Periphytic Algae in Streamside
応用生態工学会,第12回研究発表会要旨集,12 200909
Tabucanon A, Fujino T, Limsakul A

日本陸水学会,第74回大会講演要旨集,74:68 200909
Tabucanon Allan、藤野毅、仲本準

日本陸水学会,第74回大会講演要旨集,74:73 200909
Hnin Wityi、藤野毅、西垣功一

Applications of organ-specific growth models; modelling of resource translocation and the role of emergent aquatic plants in element cycles
:170-179 2008
Takashi Asaeda;Lalith Rajapakse;Takeshi Fujino