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Faculty: Graduate School of Science and Engineering TEL:
Position: Professor ■FAX:
Address: 255 Shimo-Okubo, Sakura-ku, Saitama City, Saitama 338-8570, JAPAN ■Mail Address:
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Assigned Class

Faculty of Science

Research Field

Algebraic Geometry
keyword:Algebraic Geometry , Polynomial rings , (Log) Minimal Model Program , Sarkisov Program

Current Subject

keyword:The analysis of three-dimensional affine algebraic varieties from the point of view of the log minimal model program

Academic Societies

Academic Societies
Mathematical Society of Japan

Academic Background

Graduate School
(Doctor course) , 2002(Completed)
Tokyo Institute of Technology , 1997(Graduated)
Ph. D. (Science) , Osaka University , A new proof of a theorem of Ramanujam-Morrow

Research Career

Other Career
2006 - 2008 , JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research Abroad


Books, Articles, etc.

Group actions on affine cones
,CRM Proceedings Russellfest (to appear) 2011(
Takashi Kishimoto他2名

Homogeneous locally nilpotent derivations of C[x,y,z] and pencils of rationa plane curves
,Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry, RIMS Kokyuroku Bessatsu,24:81-101 2011
Takashi Kishimoto

A new proof of the non-tameness of the Nagata automorphism from the point of view of the Sarkisov program
,Compositio Mathematica,144(4):963-977 200807
Takashi Kishimoto

Affine lines on Q-homology planes with logarithmic kodaira dimension -infinity
,Transformation Groups,13(1):211-213 200803
Takashi Kishimoto, Hideo Kojima

埼玉大学総合研究機構,総合研究機構研究プロジェクト研究成果報告書,5 (平成18年度):486-487 2007
Analysis of Affine Algebraic Threefolds from a point of view of Log Minimal Model Program

Affine lines on Q-homology planes with logarithmic kodaira dimension -infinity
,Transformation Groups ,11(4):659-672 2006
Kishimoto, Takashi, Kojima, Hideo

Affine threefolds whose log canonical bundles are not numerically effective
,Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra,208(1):189-204 2006
Kishimoto, Takashi

On the logarithmic Kodaira dimension of affine threefolds
,International Journal of Mathematics,17(1):1-17 2006
Kishimoto, Takashi

The combination of 3-dimensional Affine Algebraic Geometry and Minimal Model Program
埼玉大学総合研究機構,総合研究機構研究プロジェクト研究成果報告書,4 (平成17年度) 2006

Analysis of the structure of affine algebraic threefolds from a point of view of MinimalModel Theory (Mori Theory)
埼玉大学総合研究機構,総合研究機構研究プロジェクト研究成果報告書,3 (平成16年度) 2005

Compactifications of contractible affine 3-folds into smooth Fano 3-folds with B2=2
,Mathematische Zeitschrift,251(4):783-820 2005
Kishimoto, Takashi

Singularities on normal affine 3-folds containing A1-cylinderlike open subsets
,Contemporary Mathematics,369:139-163 2005
Kishimoto, Takashi

The explicit factorization of the Cremona transformation which is an extension of the Nagata automorphism into elementary links
,Mathematische Nachrichten,278(7-8):833-843 2005
Kishimoto, Takashi

On the compactifications of contractible affine threefolds and the Zariski Cancellation Problem
,Mathematische Zeitschrift,247:149-181 2004
Kishimoto, Takashi

A new proof of a theorem of Ramanujam-Morrow
,Journal of Mathematics of Kyoto University,42:117-139 2002
Kishimoto, Takashi

Abhyankar-Sathaye Embedding Problem in dimension three
,Journal of Mathematics of Kyoto University,42:641-669 2002
Kishimoto, Takashi

Projective plane curves whose complements have logarithmic Kodaira dimension one
,Japanese Journal of Mathematics,27:275-310 2001
Kishimoto, Takashi

Ga and Ga2-actions the complements of hypersurfaces in P3
第7回アフィン代数幾何学研究集会 201103
Takashi Kishimoto

Affine uniruledness and Ga-actions on affine algebraic varieties
射影多様体の幾何とその周辺2010,射影多様体の幾何とその周辺2010:53-62 201011
Takashi Kishimoto

Affine uniruledness and Ga-actions on affine algebraic varieties
第6回アフィン代数幾何学研究集会 201009
Takashi Kishimoto